Saturday, April 14, 2012

Find The Thieves And Crooks Now

Turn the camera on yourself
There's plenty of them and they are normally hiding out in your Local Authorities (LA) ivory towers all up and down the country. I am a firm believer that fully auditing LA's and their Councillors would make the MP's Expense scandal look like child's play. We should all be putting pressure on local councils as the Tax goes up, services are coming down and the usual diatribe from them is wearing very thin. It's time to focus on all the 'bogus' positions that have been created, from 'Teenage Pregnancy Co-Ordinators' on around £45,00 PA to 'Senior Shape Officers'. The size of council departments is horrendous as shown in this example of Kensington & Chelsea's Human Resources Charts Looking at you own LA's structure may also shock you. 

It's easy to see just how much your LA is involved in 'shaping' society and the results of recent expansion in this area has spawned some shocking results, but this is all intentional. Just like their leaders, Central Government, large over bloated Governance is designed to dumb down the nation by total control. You see and hear it every day, the Government and LAs love to give you advise and tell you how to live, do things, eat, sleep....the list goes on and on. Does this work? Do I need to explain?

Monday, April 09, 2012

CAPITA - The Devils Very Own Corporation

They say evil comes in many shapes and forms, it can manifest itself into just about anything. There's one company you probably don't hear enough about. You certainly won't hear the Main Stream Media (MSN) harping on about it, that's because they are scared to death of this mighty corporation, a corporation that is just about involved in every aspect of our lives. This corporation has every Government and Local Authority under it's control. It conducts the BBC's dirty work and has information about everyone in this country. It's tentacles reaches out to the way we shop, where we shop and how we do it. This company has had an absolute field day during the recession, increasing it's profits from people's misery, just like a cancer sucks the life out of  living cells. It employs tens of thousands of people. It has a leading hand in how our NHS is run, education, roads, pensions, insurance, retail, financial services, local government, central government, the list goes on and on and on. You can check for yourself just how much a single Corporation and it's subsideries  influences our lives and makes them a total misery. 

Check out Capita's share price now anytime, they'll have one of the best performing shares at any one time. The company has nearly doubled it's employees since the recession hit and is cashing in on peoples misery. They also manage Bailiff companies and Bankruptcy companies who bleed unfortunate people dry. Capita are part of a huge machine designed to assist and come up with ways to bleed us all dry. Capita are in charge of the Congestion charge in London and plan to roll this out in other cities. The tentacles of this evil corporation stretch everywhere. They are the front for the BBC's TVL and are in charge of collecting the TV License fee, they accuse innocent people of not having a license and using TV's illegally without any evidence. They spend millions of pounds distributing threatening letters to 'non paying' TV license evaders. The BBC try to distance themselves from Capita  by owning the Registered trademark of 'TVL'. Let's focus on how well Capita has done, note, since the recession the growth this company has managed:

YearSitesPeopleTurnover (£ million)Pre-tax profit (£ million)

There are huge profits being turned over from the likes of us every day folks who are suffering for the failings of large banking corporations and corporate empires. Many of us have had to accumulate debt just to survive, then you become a slave to the system, the system that sucks you dry until you totally fail. This company has to be exposed for what it really is and we'll be focusing much more on this company as the squeeze tightens on us all. The BIG question is, why do we have a Government when Capita is governing most of the elected Governments responsibilities? The same question can be applied to Local Government.

Take a deep breath before checking these links out:

Check this link to see what markets Capita have a grip on:

and here for the services they provide:

This goes towards proving that our country is run by both the Corporate and Banking sectors.

Capita have talons that reach into the very heart of all of our society, Children Services are also guided by this beast via another of their sister companies Here their responsibilities are frightening, quote "Capita One supports Local Authorities who require a single view of ‘a child’ to improve decision making, and enable early intervention and prevention"   How any society can accept that a corporate entity can profiteer in important decisions involving OUR children. I've heard of State Sponsored child kidnapping and researching this area more closely, I'm beginning to see right through what is occurring in this country and how State Sponsored child kidnapping is being farmed out to corporations such as Capita and policy making is benefiting these corporations

The Big Brother machine, Capita, also informs Local Authorities that it can put YOUR Citizens online not inline (On their Databases) here at their Local Authorities based web site: From collecting Council tax, through to managing the Electoral Register, Capita have their tentacles into every aspect of Budgeting, Collections, Enforcement and prosecutions taking core responsibility away from those in Local Authorities. The self perpetuating Capita employs a total win situation all round.

 Laughably, Capita's mission statement includes:

We are committed to growing Capita in a transparent and responsible way.                   
We identified our key impact areas and report on how we manage CR and              
our performance in these areas

Transparent? The Government and Local Authorities have this transparency malarky sewn up. Capita, being a private corporation are not answerable to Freedom of Information (FOI) requests, so Government and Local Authorities can just palm off FOI's with the line, we are not responsible for third party decisions. Fact is, you'll never get straight answers and transparent  answers from Capita. They are fully protected.

Capita have just started to penetrated our armed forces and god help us:
13 March 2012

Capita signs armed forces Recruiting Partnering Project contract

Capita plc announces today that it has signed a contract to work in partnership
with the armed forces to deliver the Recruiting Partnering Project (RPP). The
contract, valued at around £44m a year for 10 years, is expected to deliver
benefits in excess of £300m to the armed forces and will release military
recruiters back to the front line.

The project represents a major investment in the transformation of military
recruiting. While the Army retains ownership of recruitment policy, entry
criteria and assessment standards, RPP will deliver the entire process for the
attraction and recruitment of soldiers and officers to the Regular and
Territorial Army. It will also provide a tri-service information and
communications technology (ICT) platform to underpin recruitment for the Royal
Navy, Army and Royal Air Force.
I'm just touching the tip of the iceberg and endevour to start some serious questions with regards to how our country is being Governed and Administrated. It won't stop here!

Uber Gov. Tightens The Vice.

Privately, I have told friends and members of my family to expect the grip on us to grow tighter on a weekly basis and boy, I hate to say it, I'm correct. Cameron's goons have started to get Government and Local Government to take more control of our everyday lives dictating how we should live our life and what we should do to become an acceptable part of this mentally ill society the fascist regime has released apon us.  Think Tanks are having a field day conjuring up plans for the totalitarian state they wish to inflict on us, the Eton Boys club are rubbing their hands as they extract even more money from us all to fund their foreign aid  donations given away on our behalf. We are also funding banks and corporations more and more whilst the Fat Cat feeding frenzy is centered on draining the poor more and more.

The Dictatorship now  wants us all to inform Local Councils when we need to change our boilers should they go wrong, even if we want to install windows and conservatories. The Council will then send an army of 'Green Enforcement Officers' around your house to assess your property and whether you need to spend more on insulation and reducing your 'Carbon Footprint'. If they dictate you need loft insulation, cavity insulation etc, you MUST pay before they will give you permission to change your broken boiler. If you can't afford it, you will be forced to take on debt having additional bills added to your already criminally inflated Gas / Electric Bills. This is DICTATORSHIP, the Nanny State is pretending this is all for you own good and the good of the country. Left Wingers always bring dictatorships in the disguise of 'protecting you'. Liars will convince you the planet is doomed because of us.

We are entering an era of State Bullying, this must be stopped head on. 'None of the above' marked on future voting slips will give a clear message that we need a radical overhaul of our political system. We need to bring our Government back down to earth. We can start by heavily reducing the numbers of MPs. We have reached a pivotal moment where if we all do nothing, we deserve the Dictatorship we are sleep walking into.  

Friday, April 06, 2012

An Important Water Shortage Appeal

This is an appeal on behalf of the UK Government. Can you spare £5 a month? The UK is suffering it's worse drought in decades, by just donating £5 a month, you can help us provide a Stand Pipe in each Town and Village throughout the UK. A regular donation will enable us to provide water to the people and you'll receive a Dappy Dave figurine, plus regular updates of Stand Pipe installations.

Monday, April 02, 2012

It's OK, we've got the Olympics to celebrate

"Yer I Know"
Despite being on the brink of a total financial collapse, unemployment at it's highest levels for decades, the working class family being squeezed ever more and the prospect of our freedoms being eroded by EU monitoring laws being brought in by our LIBLABCON alliance, there's a glimmer of hope. There's an event that we will all be able to hide behind and just pretend all our woes aren't really happening. Thank God for the Olympics!! Yes, it's all within budget and will bring the riches and feel good factor back to this country once and for all! What? Not convinced are you? I guess you are right, at around £9bn over budget and set to be probably the most embarrassing Olympics of all time, we'll end up footing the bill for another huge white elephant.

Broken Britain
The delusional Olympics hype machine would have us believe that the Olympics will be our savior, let's focus on this wonderful event and look how 'great' Britain has advertised itself thus so far. Maybe the London 2012 Olympics logo is a true reflection of the state of the host nation? A broken window representing the broken state of this country. Let's face it, study the logo, a fractured symbol that is probably a true reflection of what most think about the UK as a whole. 

Olympic 'One Eyed Monsters'
Sick Britain's Suggested Characters
Then there's the little characters that have been born out of London 2012, I often ask where the spaceship is. As a child I used to have nightmares about one eyed monsters, ironically, these are characters that are fronting the Olympics 2012. These phallic symbols of one eyed teeth prancing around scaring the shit of of children must of been based on someone's childhood memories or was it on the attack from mars films that used to dominate cinema screens back in the late 40s and early 50s?  So, on that theme, we at Sick Britain have come up with our own characters that reflect the monsters that are really behind this corporate event that we all will end up paying for.

The 'A' Team will be on standby
Olympics 2012 should be the most safest event the world has ever witnessed. Our Government have spent an absolute fortune on making sure the Police and our armed forces will treat the Olympics like a full scale theater of World War III. Snipers in Helicopters using high caliber sniper rifles, police armed to the teeth with Glocks and 50,000 volt cattle prods, private security firms supervising the event ensuring no one is wearing T shirts that don't blend in with the event or display political messages. Then there is all those Corporate VIP lanes carving there way through the City and East End of London, a no go area for anybody trying to go about there daily business whilst this huge circus event rolls on. Londoners have been advised to take holidays and go away whilst this Corporate Event is being held.

Hail to our leaders, thanks for winning this fantastic event, I'm sure it'll benefit us all!

London 2012 - A Military Operation

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Go on, do it Cameron....Please!

So, how are things looking six years on? Worse? Yer, much worse aren't they and we are back to start taking stock on just what a complete shit state the UK is in. Well, since my last outbursts out here in the blogosphere, we've had a change of Government (allegedly). The LIBLABCON alliance are well and truly underway, cultivating their plans for complete control and the fracturing of the UK as we know it. Today, we have a further announcement that, despite the Government's manifesto stating it is against the Big Brother state, we are to be monitored without the need for a warrant. Yes, Dave can authorise monitoring of your phone calls, emails, blogs or anything electronically communicated to be intercepted. Meanwhile, wanted terrorists like Abu Qatada get let out of prison, protected from deportation and given a bigger council house on, yes you guessed it, us the tax payers. 

The laugh of it all is these powers are being brought in to protect us! Really, right now the only protection I need is from this Government. No doubt as I type, my key presses are being monitored and stored in some 'insurgents' database at GCHQ! Great, I couldn't careless, I'm glad they know my thoughts, my feelings and what I really think about this sick country of ours. This country has parallels with a self harmer, it has a severe mental illness which is rapidly being passed on to it citizens.  The signs of a breaking point are ever closer, this is ever more conclusive as the Government arm the Police with equipment the Army would be envious of. GovUK are scared of a backlash, I'm not talking about the riots of last summer, that's kids play in comparison. I'm convinced that when the population will eventually say 'enough is enough', the backlash will make those summer riots look like childs play. This 'Patsy' Government, Patsy because they take their orders from the Banks and Corporations, are starting to mess with our freedoms and human rights. Whilst the real Terrorist seek and get all the protections available, normal citizens are loosing theirs which in my book, reads that the so called terrorists are winning this war. Risking being arrested of inciting some sort of 'Hate Crime', I support any civil disobedience designed to disrupt and interfere with the Government and their agencies. Let's be real here, the Government are declaring war on it's citizens, especially those who are putting money into it's coffers (Yes, you tax payers) so be prepared.

Yer, ok, I hear ya "It's a conspiracy theory". OK, let's assume it is and rewind 25 years ago, if  I was to tell you then that today we all have 1 CCTV camera per 14 of the population of this country monitoring us at some time, Councils tagging bins and using CCTV evidence against it's constituents you laugh. Sheep tend to follow the crowd, Sheeple do the same, they trust the BBC as the Beeb is seen as safe, impartial <cough>  and familiar, after all you pay nearly £150 a year for this unbiased organisation to educate, inform and entertain you. With the pinnacle of the internet being reached, I say being reached because soon the freedoms you have on the internet will be a thing of the past (More about that soon in another post), we have access to independent news sources, blogs and personal accounts. Time and time again the Main Stream Media (MSN) will try to cover up or fail to report what really is going on, they want you to absorb what aligns with our Government's political agenda. This happens in nearly every country.

So, if you value your freedom, it's time to wake up, it's time for a revolution! Don't be afraid to say how you feel, don't switch the TV on and try and run away from what is really happening, stop buying LED TV's, iPads, iPhones and the latest gadget that's going to distract you. Put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboards and hound those in power! It will be the people who do nothing that will be the first to complain when things start to get out out of hand. You can hear these cowards every day "What can I do?" - Grow up and man up! 

Part II soon

We're back

After a long fight, this site is back. Be prepared for more 'as it is' views....

Friday, February 10, 2006

Tory Promise Or Just Real Retoric?

Shadow foreign secretary William Hague has said there will be no going back on plans to withdraw Tory MEPs from the European People's Party.

Maybe the Tories are trying to divide the similarities between New Labour and themselves?

He was speaking after talks in Brussels aimed at forming a new Eurosceptic group in the European Parliament.

Mr Hague also lunched with Tory MEPs, some of whom have said they will risk de-selection rather than quit the EPP.

Now I don't doubt that what Hague is saying is true, I thought that Hague was probably one of the 'sincere' leaders the Tories have had to date. The new leader seems somewhat a Blair Clone and even admits he won't change on most of Blair's policies should he ever get in to power (God Forbid)

Go get em! - Oh! we can't

Now maybe this is too much common sense. Maybe it's too daring for the relevant authorities to do but isn't it a great opportunity, with the release of the 'Islamic Cartoons', for the authorities to list, photograph and interrogate those who protest for murder?

As pictured above, this man thinks it's ok to advertise the fact he supports Bin Laden and calls for terrorist acts across Europe.

To dress in such away in my opinion is threatening, the placards they yeild are quite clear what they support and maybe what their intentions are. I'll be watching closely the events this Saturday of the London protests and the reaction of the police. If it's ok for them (Islamics) then it's ok for the BNP to raise their voice and concerns too. Oooops, sorry, I am forgetting the two tier law system here in Britain, how foolish of me.

Everyones A Criminal In The UK

"Right Bitch! - You're nicked for non
payment of your TV License!"

Hang her, slaughter her, chop her hands off - Theif, low life - 10 pence, my God, I bet this was worth the court costs to warrent a 10p mistake, after all it was a genuine mistake. Northern Rail should be ashamed! This is another step to try an criminalise normal decent people! The UK is obsessed by getting as many 'petty' convictions as it can and this is becoming a worrying factor of life in the UK.

You stand more of a chance becoming a criminal by committing the following offences;

* Failure to meet a Civil Fine
* Non-payment of Council Tax (Even if you can't afford it)
* Most traffic offences
* Failure to pay the BBC TV License
* Failure to abide by Metric weights & measures (Dictated by the EU)

"It's OK, I'm calling for back up!
Are you sure Sir he gave you half a pound
of of bananas and not half a kilo?"

The list goes on, but you stand less of a chance of getting caught if you are a theif, a mugger, stab someone and kill them, corporate criminal or even a terrorist at that! In actual fact, as a serious offender, you get all the benfits and help you ever wanted. Peadophiles are generally now accepted, they can even get jobs in schools working close to children....The UK is peadophile Heaven. (reference Mark Cummings:

"Bonus, your nicked for non-offensive white propaganda son! Right kick the shit out of him"

and some may wonder why I titled this blog 'Sick Britain'

Aaaarghhhh! Pillock!

Doesn't everything about Blair really make you cringe, his stance, posture and voice are so convincingly pathetic. Anyway, I just want to put emphasis on what Blair now calls EU concerns, this week he commented on the failed EU consistution:

It is "very difficult" for the EU to function as a group of 25 states under its current rules, Tony Blair has said.

Ha! right on Tony! what a great observation, has the penny finally dropped? For a man so pro EU he is slowly begining to turn and can only agree that the EU has fallen flat on it's face. It can't cope, it will never cope and the EU is really a product of what Nazi Germany wanted in the first place - Power & Control!

Blair's questions from a Commons Liason Committee tackled the very issue of the EU constitution and enlargement. Blair added to his comments;

"Having said that, I think enlargement has done Europe a power of good."

Erm, where? Germay's economy seems to be the worst ever, cross border immigration is a nightmare, constant arguments over food and farming policies, failure to harmonise on many policies. When will the EU realise that Europe is made up of many cultures and Governments, all of which are like integrating chemicals, some react nastily when mixed and others mix well to create a good formulae. In the short, europe cannot be mixed like a cocktail. Our very own identities are why many Europeans liked to travel. Ok, you may be able to travel around Europe more easily, you may also be able to live and work in another EU country easily, but at what cost?

Pressed about further enlargement, Blair said: "There is a mood in Europe about enlargement that's not altogether positive but I think it's important we try with other allies to turn that around."
He said "most people were "pretty realistic" about the stalled constitution."

Errr, brainwashed more like.

UK Independence Party leader Roger Knapman said the "open Europe" vision might be shared by European elites but not by the British people generally.
He asked: "Why should the British public be optimistic about a political Union which costs every family in this country over £60 per week, yet remains democratically unaccountable and does not learn from its' mistakes?"

Chantelle - Piss Off!!!!!!!!!

I mean, come on, how gullable, pathetic and small minded are the British Public becoming nowadays. Brainwashed by shite TV, sound bytes, Reality TV, Soaps and god knows what other shite is being sent via the ether to ones Box in the living room. Chantelle is the latest product from the house of Big Brother.

"Since leaving the show she has been followed by cameras for an E4 show called Chantelle: Living the Dream, which begins on 22 February.
It will follow her attempts to make it as a real pop star as well as her arrival on the celebrity party circuit."
- Rivetting stuff!!! Has talent become so poor in the UK the public actually swallow this shit? Apparently the six week series will be repeated on Channel 4's youth strand T4 from 12 March so you can watch this brain numbing shit all over again before you trundle of to McDonalds for a McShite Burger, smash up a bus shelter, get pissed on a can of Red Stripe and then throw up on your neighboughs panzies all in the cause of not being a successful Reality TV Celeb!

ID Cards - A Safer Britain?

So, the UK want to introduce compulsory ID cards. From memory, I think one of these will set you back around £80-90. Will it have any benefits or is it just another 'control freak' policy cooked up by Blair's croonies: The BBC have published, what they think, are the pro's and con's of a UK ID card system;

For identity cards: The government and supporters of the scheme argue that identity cards are necessary to prevent identity theft and reduce benefit fraud. They say that identity cards would:

Prevent illegal immigration: Lack of a card allows illegal immigrants to arrive and disappear, according to the government.

Prevent illegal working: Identity cards would enable employers to verify if people are allowed to work and it would be easier to prosecute employers who break the law, says the Home Office.

Aid anti-terrorism measures: Identity cards would make it harder for terrorists and organised crime rings to use false and multiple identities, argues the Metropolitan Police Commissioner.

Tackle identity theft: A National Register with unique biometric information for each person would make fraud much harder, according to Cifas, the UK’s fraud prevention service.

Reduce benefit fraud and abuse of public services: Identity cards would ensure that public services are only used by those entitled to, says the Home Office.

Enhance sense of community: The government believes that identity cards would create a sense of shared citizenship, belonging and security.

Against identity cards: Opponents argue that identity cards won’t improve security in this country. They say that identity cards would:

Lead to loss of privacy: A massive database with an unprecedented amount of personal information would be created with giving government the power to "extend surveillance" of the population, says No2ID.

Be costly and impractical: The true cost of the scheme is unpredictable and the Home Office has a bad track record with large-scale IT projects, says the Liberal Democrats.

Worsen harassment of ethnic minorities: They would provide another pretext for stop-and-search, often directed at ethnic minorities, argues the civil liberties group Liberty.

Have little impact on counter-terrorism: Terror networks could forge cards or papers enabling people to get cards, and they haven’t prevented attacks elsewhere, says Liberty.

Have little effect on illegal working: Employers who are already willing to break the law won’t be put off by identity cards, says campaigning organisation No2ID.

Lead to ‘function creep’: MPs on the Home Affairs Committee expressed concerns that the functions of the card could grow as it stores more personal information.

What do you think? Personally I don't think these cards will have much of an impact at all. I cannot see, whilst illegal immigrants can easily dissapear in to society without trace, how an ID card can resolve this. Shouldn't the focus be on tightening security on our ports / airports etc? Again, in my own personal opinion, close the channel tunnel...this is the worse thing to happen this century when it comes to opening the doors to anyone.

Is it a wonder that the UK is a central hub for unwanted terrorists and hate campaigners? Again, the Government has fooled the public and diverted attention away from the real issues. Comments......